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 Website Health check

A website review from Right Hand Design can tell you how to make your website work more effectively. If you're not happy with your webpage design - maybe it's too simple, too plain, out-of-date or doesn't look right in the latest browser -
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  Why you need a Website Health check

If any of these statements sound familiar, your website could benefit from a review.

Here's what others have said about their website reviews by Right Hand Design:

It's just so hard to keep on top of all the ways to optimise your website without expert, professional help.
Even though my site scored quite well in the Healthcheck report, there were still a number of changes that were recommended, some of them being quite important. Fortunately, some were easy to fix too.

R. Frith    

Right Hand Design's 21 page assessment of my 3 year-old website has proven invaluable. It outlined in plain English the steps required to boost my website's organic ranking and highlighted fundamental issues in my website's coding that, if not corrected, would negatively impact my ranking.
Highly insightful and very informative. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending one of these health checks.


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