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Right Hand Design Email Marketing is the quick and easy way to keep your customers updated on a regular basis. It's fast. It's low-cost. And it's green.

Always included:


* Feature may not always be available to websites not managed by Right Hand Design. Please ask for details.

Optional inclusions:

Send 1000 emails for < $20

Plus initial setup and template costs

  Why use RHD Email Marketing?

Electronic Direct Mail (or EDM) is one of the most cost-effective ways to connect with interested and return customers.

These days, everyone's jumping on the social networking bandwagon: Facebook. Twitter. Google+. Pinterest. Blogging.
But to be effective, these all take a lot of time and effort - perhaps more than you're willing or able to give.

On the other hand, a directed Email Marketing newsletter - whether sent weekly, monthly, quarterly or less -
can bring your business back to front-of-mind whenever you've got something important to say:


Try it and see if you like it. There's no up-front commitment and you don't pay if you don't send a marketing campaign.

Join my other happy customers - see testimonials on the Portfolio page.

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