How to take a holiday when you run your own business

Disconnect on Lord Howe IslandI had a good year last year, gained some new clients, and was happily busy for the second half of the year (occasionally flat out!) When my other half suggested a holiday pre-Christmas my immediate thought was “How? I’m way too busy to take a break.” It’s a common refrain for many small business people.

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Looking back on 2014, my year in review

creativityI started the year with a lot of energy, high hopes and big plans. I even wrote them down and published them for all the world to see. You know, that wonderful idea of ‘accountability’? Well, I’ve just reviewed the list from that January 2014 post. The results weren’t pretty…

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The dreaded bounce rate – what is it and how to reduce it

 People arrive at websites in many ways – from search engines, from ads, from links on Social Media sites, from keying in your URL as it’s shown on your business card. The latter will likely take them straight to your Home page. But the other methods mean many people arrive on pages other than your home page. Any page of your site could be their “landing page”.


Every page on your website needs to strive to keep visitors happy so that, once they land, they’ll stick around and take action or explore your site further. Otherwise… well… they BOUNCE.

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All about Links – Hyperlinks, Permalinks, Backlinks, URLs

links make the world go roundLinks. Where would we be without them? Links connect everything. Links make the world wide web go round. Without them, there would be no “inter” in Internet (or no “net”…?) for the Internet it is made up of links: hyperlinks, permalinks, backlinks, URLs. Internal links go to pages within the same site, and external links go to other sites and their pages. Hit a broken link and you STILL link – to a 404 error page, most likely.

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The About Page – Getting it Right

about pages need real photosYour website really needs an About page. Did you know it’s one of the most visited pages on most websites? It can also be one of the most difficult to write, especially for yourself. Because of that, it’s often the page that can delay completion of your new website. Here are some tips on how to write your About page and what to include.
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Who is this blog post for, exactly?

Note: this post is written for everyone, ironically enough as you will see if you keep reading. It is for new bloggers, seasoned bloggers, and all blog readers.


Suggesting a new paradigm for bloggers.

paradigm shift keyDon’t you just hate it when a blog post doesn’t deliver on its promise? When it has a catchy title like “The One Secret You Simply Must Know to Succeed in Business” but then waffles on about 50 little things and tries to summarise them into some lame one word idea such as “Authenticity”.


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Change is afoot at the RHDblog

I had a blog due today. But I’ve changed my mind. It’s not only a woman’s prerogative. It’s a case of reassessing how I’m spending my time in and on my business. Quite frankly, I’ve been spending (some might say ‘frittering’) too much time on marketing efforts and losing focus on the core of my business, being web design.

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Ready to hangout on Google+

Google+ has been getting some bad press around the social channels lately. Many are spouting the idea that “G+ is Dead” or at least “a ghost town”. (There have been similar statements about Twitter lately too.) Just as many are refuting that and say that Google+ is full of life, and growing, and worth checking out. I’m with the latter.


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