The dreaded bounce rate – what is it and how to reduce it

 People arrive at websites in many ways – from search engines, from ads, from links on Social Media sites, from keying in your URL as it’s shown on your business card. The latter will likely take them straight to your Home page. But the other methods mean many people arrive on pages other than your home page. Any page of your site could be their “landing page”.


Every page on your website needs to strive to keep visitors happy so that, once they land, they’ll stick around and take action or explore your site further. Otherwise… well… they BOUNCE.

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All about Links – Hyperlinks, Permalinks, Backlinks, URLs

links make the world go roundLinks. Where would we be without them? Links connect everything. Links make the world wide web go round. Without them, there would be no “inter” in Internet (or no “net”…?) for the Internet it is made up of links: hyperlinks, permalinks, backlinks, URLs. Internal links go to pages within the same site, and external links go to other sites and their pages. Hit a broken link and you STILL link – to a 404 error page, most likely.

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The About Page – Getting it Right

about pages need real photosYour website really needs an About page. Did you know it’s one of the most visited pages on most websites? It can also be one of the most difficult to write, especially for yourself. Because of that, it’s often the page that can delay completion of your new website. Here are some tips on how to write your About page and what to include.
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Guidelines for writing web content

You’ve heard the phrase about online marketing: “Content is King”. Content usually (though not always) requires writing. Writing for your website is different to other styles of writing. It’s different to writing a brochure or sales catalog. It’s definitely different to writing a book. It’s also very different to writing an essay. So just because someone can write doesn’t mean they can write well for the web. It’s a skill. That’s why there are professional copywriters.

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Not all web designers are created equal

You already know that a website is not a website is not a website. Take a quick browse around the net and you’ll see the countless different variations out there. Some will wow you. Some might leave you cold. Some are complex, some simple. Some just work, beautifully.


The same applies to web designers? Not all web designers are created equal.
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10 ways to drive people away from your website

Imagine walking into a store to buy flowers for your dear Mum who’s laid up in hospital. There’s a weary, uninterested florist behind the counter who barely looks up from amongst the wilting arrangements, let alone offering a friendly greeting. If you weren’t already running 20 minutes late, you might consider leaving to find another florist. One who, when you walk in, greets you with a personable “Hi, what can I help you with today?” and comes around the counter ready to assist you in your choice.


BIG difference.  Which one are you likely to return to next time you need flowers?

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To FAQ or not to FAQ? That is the Frequently Asked Question

I’m writing this post from a new cafe in my neighbourhood. I had one of those awkward starts, where I’d seated myself, perused the menu, was dying for a coffee… And nobody came near me. Eventually I hailed down a passing waiter with an “Excuse me, where do I order?” His abrupt reply: “There’s no table service, order at the counter”.

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10 must-reads when starting a small business

You’ve got a brilliant business idea and you’re keen to get started. You’re pumped. Excited. You know you need a business plan before jumping in head-first, right? Heed this advice when fleshing out that part of the plan you’ve loosely entitled “Start a website and get online”

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