Take advantage of Email Marketing for your small business


As in my earlier post, email marketing continues to drive the highest return on investment of any form of online marketing. Doesn’t that make you sit up and take notice! Yet according to the August 2012 Sensis e-Business Report, while 52% of medium-sized businesses are using email marketing to promote their business, small business is lagging some way behind at only 30%. If you’re not yet using email marketing, here are the main points for getting started.

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Email Marketing – Is it out of fashion?

Old hat. Old school. Old fashioned. These are some of the terms applied to Email Marketing by proponents of the ‘new’ social media channels. In recent months I’ve been unsubscribing from many unwanted, time-wasting emails. But I’ve also been signing up to some new and interesting ones. Despite the doomsayers, Email Marketing is by no means at death’s door. It’s proving itself an effective, more mature method of marketing your business online.

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