Email Marketing – Is it out of fashion?

Old hat. Old school. Old fashioned. These are some of the terms applied to Email Marketing by proponents of the ‘new’ social media channels. In recent months I’ve been unsubscribing from many unwanted, time-wasting emails. But I’ve also been signing up to some new and interesting ones. Despite the doomsayers, Email Marketing is by no means at death’s door. It’s proving itself an effective, more mature method of marketing your business online.


Another buzzterm around at the moment – often used in the context of social media – is “Content Marketing”. It covers writing articles and blogs and marketing that content via social media channels. But what is an email if not “content”? Emails can carry a lot more content than a 140-character tweet. [Tweet that!] One email can summarise and link to several of your recent blog posts, all wrapped up and delivered in an attractive personalised package, direct to your desktop or mobile.


Email Marketing can be:


  • highly targeted.
  • personalised.
  • used at all stages of the sale cycle.
  • tracked with a high degree of reporting on its results.


Those results are still showing that Email Marketing works. That it offers a much higher return on investment than nearly any other form of online marketing.


This article from shows the promising statistics from recent years.


Infographic showing statistics on email marketing
Email Marketing is Alive and Well (2012)

Here’s why you should consider keeping email marketing in vogue:


1. It’s targeted. You can segment your subscriber lists and send different emails to each segment, based on gender, location, interests, etc.  Compare this to tweets and Facebook posts which hit a wide audience but may only be of interest to a small percentage of them.


2. It’s more likely to be seen. Emails remain in front of you in your Inbox for much longer than a passing tweet or Facebook post in your feed. Most emails are opened within 48 hours of being received. They can also be kept and reviewed at leisure.


3. It’s relationship-building. Emails might not be as interactive as social media commenting, but you can build a personal relationship with people even when they’re not responding directly – by sending welcome emails when they subscribe, birthday emails (if they wish to provide that info), special offers that suit their demographic or buying pattern, and thank yous for their loyalty.


4. It’s a way to provide more detail on your products. From announcing the launch of a new product, to explaining its usage, and showcasing customer reviews, an email can be an effective sales tool.


5. It can emphasise your branding. Whether you modify a template, or go with a full custom design, your emails can carry your branding look and feel, to match your website or your store.


6. It’s measurable. Most email marketing programs provide statistics on how many people opened the email, clicked through from it, unsubscribed, etc. You can even see exactly what path someone takes to result in a sale.


7. It’s cost effective. Yes, you do pay to send email campaigns. But it’s only a few cents (or less) per email, and if you send regularly you can sign up for a monthly plan that covers unlimited campaigns. Compared to print advertising, it’s peanuts! You pay the same for a page-length (or even multi-page) email as you do for a 4-line one. And while social media channels might seem to be free, they can consume a lot of your time, and it can be difficult to measure the reward.


So now you know you should be doing Email Marketing, what’s stopping you…?

If you want to know how to get started, contact Right Hand Design today. We can help you choose a provider, get a customised template, and even brainstorm content and marketing ideas with you.




Author: RobynRHD

I'm a small business web design specialist with interests in social media and other online marketing methods. As my blog intro states: "Steering small businesses in the right direction with what I hope is practical, realistic advice and useful tips, amidst the constantly changing noise and hype. I'd like to help you sort out what you really need and how to go about it." I'm a proud Aussie, living in Sydney, and an avid fan of Column 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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