7 lessons I’ve learned about working from home… thanks to my kitten

meet lilyWorking on your own can get lonely at times. I’ve tried co-working. I’ve tried working in cafes. I’ve tried apps like coffitivity.

But what’s finally done the trick is getting a kitten. It’s been many years since I had a pet and I’d forgotten just how much companionship they provide.

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The story of a website redesign

robyn harper, author of RHDblogYou know the old saying “A woman’s work is never done”? And the one about “a painter’s house is never painted”? Combine those two and you get “A web designer woman’s website is never done”. My own website is the first one I ever published (not including the ones I created at uni, which weren’t made public). It just turned 5 years old. Which is really old in web years!

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When it’s good to be a sheep. And when to break free of the flock.

2015 Year of the SheepWelcome to the Year of the Sheep on the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese consider sheep to be lucky animals – they spend their time following each other from one green patch of grass to the next without too many cares or worries. They never have to do any hard labour, which is left to the Ox.


Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

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How to take a holiday when you run your own business

Disconnect on Lord Howe IslandI had a good year last year, gained some new clients, and was happily busy for the second half of the year (occasionally flat out!) When my other half suggested a holiday pre-Christmas my immediate thought was “How? I’m way too busy to take a break.” It’s a common refrain for many small business people.

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Looking back on 2014, my year in review

creativityI started the year with a lot of energy, high hopes and big plans. I even wrote them down and published them for all the world to see. You know, that wonderful idea of ‘accountability’? Well, I’ve just reviewed the list from that January 2014 post. The results weren’t pretty…

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The Great Google Search Paradox

“Just Google it” is a common household phrase these days. Everyone knows that if they need some information or any problem solved – or just to find the name of something that’s stuck on the tip of the tongue – the quickest and easiest method is to “Google it”. Google, the largest search engine in the world, has become a part of our everyday lives. I, for one, would feel lost without it.


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In Defence of Research

Hi, my name is Robyn and I am a Research Addict.


When I’m in denial, I prefer to consider myself the Queen of Research. I can spend hours trawling internet pages in my quest to find the most relevant, informed, accurate information. About anything! Whether I want to buy a paper shredder for my office, or write an informative blog about using colour in websites, or sourcing images.

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