Who is this blog post for, exactly?

Note: this post is written for everyone, ironically enough as you will see if you keep reading. It is for new bloggers, seasoned bloggers, and all blog readers.


Suggesting a new paradigm for bloggers.

paradigm shift keyDon’t you just hate it when a blog post doesn’t deliver on its promise? When it has a catchy title like “The One Secret You Simply Must Know to Succeed in Business” but then waffles on about 50 little things and tries to summarise them into some lame one word idea such as “Authenticity”.


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Change is afoot at the RHDblog

I had a blog due today. But I’ve changed my mind. It’s not only a woman’s prerogative. It’s a case of reassessing how I’m spending my time in and on my business. Quite frankly, I’ve been spending (some might say ‘frittering’) too much time on marketing efforts and losing focus on the core of my business, being web design.

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