All the colours of the World Wide Web – just not all at once, ok?

The web is a colourful place. Unlike print media, there’s no extra cost to use as many colour variations as you want on a website. Once limited to a “small” palette of only 256 colours, the advances in colour display technology mean colour is almost limitless. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should go wild with it.


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How to find a Good Website Designer for your Small Business

I hear you ask: “How do I find a Good Website Designer for my Small Business?” What I’d love to answer is: “Hey, look no further! You’ve found my blog. You’ve clicked on the link to this post. I’m a good web designer who creates websites for small businesses.” Tick. Tick. Tick. What more do you need?

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Is it time to Revamp your Website?

The start of a new year is a good time to reassess the state of your business and your website. Take a really good, hard, critical look at it.  Is it refined like “My Fair Lady” or more like the original Eliza Doolittle – a bit rough around the edges? View your website from the perspective of a new potential client. What would they find? What impression would they get?  Does it just need an update or a complete website redesign?

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DIY SEO for Small Business Websites

What’s in your business plan this year?  Do you want to raise the profile of your business and your website?  Are you aiming for a higher ranking in the search engine listings?  Well if you have some free time, what about brushing up on a little DIY SEO (that’s Do It Yourself Search Engine Optimisation) to give things a kickstart?

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An SEO Reality Check for Small Businesses

SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. It’s a TLA (Three Letter Abbreviation) in such common use that it’s now become a noun, a verb… and perhaps even a “four-letter word”. It’s given rise to a whole industry of “experts”. Yet SEO remains a mystery to most (even to many of the experts).
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The Importance of Web Hosting – the Basics

Unless you were under a rock in the Outback on November 20, you probably heard about ClickFrenzy. “The sale that stops a nation” turned into “the sale stopped by a nation” when their web servers went into meltdown in the opening minutes, despite earlier assurances that they were ready for the demand. Your startup business may never attract that amount of traffic, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give careful consideration to your web hosting needs.   Continue reading “The Importance of Web Hosting – the Basics”

Connecting your Website and Social Media

Over time you’ve put your business online, piece by piece.  You started with a website.  Perhaps you added a blog. Then you decided to get on the Facebook bandwagon.  And started tweeting.  Maybe joined LinkedIn.  What about a Pinterest page?  How on earth do you connect all these together to form a cohesive online marketing presence??

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How to Choose a good Website Domain Name

When you decide to put your business on the web, one of the first things you need to think about is the domain name.  You’ll be stuck with it for a (hopefully) long time, so don’t make a hasty decision. The best domain names are meaningful and memorable (or at least easy to remember).  Here’s some advice on how to choose one.    Continue reading “How to Choose a good Website Domain Name”

Left-brain vs Right-brain – what matters in Web Design

The tagline for Right Hand Design is “Right-hand web design… for left-brain business”.  Some people love it and “get it” immediately. Others think it’s too obtuse.  And some just don’t understand its significance.  So I’ll attempt to explain it here…
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The pitfalls of Content Management Systems

    So you’re planning a website for your small business and wondering “Should I use a CMS?” Having a website with a Content Management System (CMS) means that you can update webpage content yourself, without needing to constantly employ the services of a web designer.  A CMS simplifies the process of adding and changing content so that you don’t need to understand the underlying code (HTML, CSS and all that techo stuff).  Sounds good right?  Well, as I find myself so often saying in this business…

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