5 Free Ways to Market yourself Online

The marketing arena has changed dramatically in recent years. In many ways it’s now easier and cheaper for small businesses to excel with DIY marketing. I’ve listed here 5 free options, but bear in mind that nothing’s really free – they all cost you in time, and there are always some drawbacks to ‘free’.

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Video hasn’t killed the internet star

I’m starting to explore a world I’ve so far avoided. The world of video, as a marketing tool.

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The one thing you MUST DO in small business marketing

A client told me last week that he wants to start a Facebook page for his business. He described it as a “must do”.  I immediately bristled. Who says it’s a must do? Why do you believe it’s a must do?  “Well, I’ve been told it needs to be a long-term thing, and results may not be visible, but, you know, everyone’s doing it… so it’s a must do.”


Whenever I hear that “must do” phrase, I like to counter it with my own favourite phrase:

“It depends…”

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Marketing – the Ugly, the Bad and the Good

This confession may surprise you. I am an anti-marketing marketer. There’s a lot to dislike and distrust about marketing, so I know I’m not alone in hating it. I also know that it’s not a blanket hatred. There is plenty of marketing that I admire, and enjoy, and there’s some that I’m not even aware of as marketing.
So let me start with a rant about the bad stuff, before exploring some of the good…
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The Great Google Search Paradox

“Just Google it” is a common household phrase these days. Everyone knows that if they need some information or any problem solved – or just to find the name of something that’s stuck on the tip of the tongue – the quickest and easiest method is to “Google it”. Google, the largest search engine in the world, has become a part of our everyday lives. I, for one, would feel lost without it.


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My first year of blogging


RHD Blog – One year on.


In my last post I asked whether a blog is worth the effort. Tomorrow marks the anniversary of my first published blog post and here I am, 12 months down the track and pondering that question. Is it worth the effort?

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Is a blog worth the effort?

It’s something I’ve been pondering, as I enter my 12th month of blogging. Is blogging worthwhile? Am I being of use to anybody? Do I even have anything original to say? And how long will my advice remain relevant in this rapidly changing online world? Continue reading “Is a blog worth the effort?”

10 ways to drive people away from your website

Imagine walking into a store to buy flowers for your dear Mum who’s laid up in hospital. There’s a weary, uninterested florist behind the counter who barely looks up from amongst the wilting arrangements, let alone offering a friendly greeting. If you weren’t already running 20 minutes late, you might consider leaving to find another florist. One who, when you walk in, greets you with a personable “Hi, what can I help you with today?” and comes around the counter ready to assist you in your choice.


BIG difference.  Which one are you likely to return to next time you need flowers?

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To FAQ or not to FAQ? That is the Frequently Asked Question

I’m writing this post from a new cafe in my neighbourhood. I had one of those awkward starts, where I’d seated myself, perused the menu, was dying for a coffee… And nobody came near me. Eventually I hailed down a passing waiter with an “Excuse me, where do I order?” His abrupt reply: “There’s no table service, order at the counter”.

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An A-to-Z of Small Business Online Marketing, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my simple (but not so short and sweet) A to Z of online marketing terms. It covers N to Z – with a few letters in between that were a bit of a challenge! As with Part 1 A-to-M some of these topics will be expanded upon in their very own blog posts, and I will endeavour to update this one with links to those posts as I create and publish them. In other words, bookmark them both and check back occasionally for updates.

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