Guidelines for writing web content

You’ve heard the phrase about online marketing: “Content is King”. Content usually (though not always) requires writing. Writing for your website is different to other styles of writing. It’s different to writing a brochure or sales catalog. It’s definitely different to writing a book. It’s also very different to writing an essay. So just because someone can write doesn’t mean they can write well for the web. It’s a skill. That’s why there are professional copywriters.

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Time to try Twitter for business

Twitter has just turned 8 years old. And to honour that, I finally signed up! @robynRHD is now one of about 700 million users. A little late to the game, you might say, but the game is always changing (and will certainly continue to, given that Twitter floated last year). I’m just learning how to play, but want to share the experience with you.

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Pinterest – Are you on board yet?

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks on the planet. It’s also a huge driver of traffic to websites – higher than most of the other social platforms. If you haven’t already found a use for it in your business, perhaps it’s time you did.

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Facebook – a getting started guide

Word on the street is that Facebook is dead. That it’s become too hard for small business now that Facebook has to make money and answer to its shareholders. That Facebook’s organic reach – how many of your fans actually get to see your posts in their newsfeed – has dropped so dramatically as to make it unviable to operate without paying.


I’m not buying into the doom and gloom.
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Not all web designers are created equal

You already know that a website is not a website is not a website. Take a quick browse around the net and you’ll see the countless different variations out there. Some will wow you. Some might leave you cold. Some are complex, some simple. Some just work, beautifully.


The same applies to web designers? Not all web designers are created equal.
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Social Media for business – which to choose

If you’ve read my previous post and decided social media really is worthwhile, how do you decide which social media networks to use? Everyone knows the big names like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. But there’s a plethora of others that range from millions of users to more obscure niche networks (though with a no-less-passionate group of users). RunKeeper – the app I use on my phone to track my running goals – is also a social network where runners around the world can compare and compete and encourage each other.
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Does my business NEED to be on Social Media?

Social networks are about sharing. Sharing your highs and lows, daily life, holiday snaps, everyday snaps. For a business, social media allows you to share your products, knowledge, and client love. Then hopefully others will share it out to their own network of friends and contacts to help your business grow.

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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

If you haven’t yet heard the terms Inbound marketing and Outbound marketing, you may feel you’ve been missing out on something important. But it’s highly probable that you’re already doing some of each, without knowing the marketing industry jargon. Make 2014 the year to put the power of Inbound Marketing to work for your small business. Here’s how…

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Making plans for 2014 – website changes et al

Well here we are. A new year. Welcome to 2014.

Have you made plans for your business goals this year? Read my last post to get an idea what areas to focus on so you don’t get left behind.

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Online marketing for 2014 – where to focus your efforts

With a new year fast approaching, it’s time to reassess your business marketing methods. Not just review what’s been working, but what will you need to focus on in future. Don’t you wish you had a crystal ball to tell you what will be “the next big thing” so that you can be ahead of the wave for once? Or to show you how to create a video that will go viral?

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