7 lessons I’ve learned about working from home… thanks to my kitten

meet lilyWorking on your own can get lonely at times. I’ve tried co-working. I’ve tried working in cafes. I’ve tried apps like coffitivity.

But what’s finally done the trick is getting a kitten. It’s been many years since I had a pet and I’d forgotten just how much companionship they provide.

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The story of a website redesign

robyn harper, author of RHDblogYou know the old saying “A woman’s work is never done”? And the one about “a painter’s house is never painted”? Combine those two and you get “A web designer woman’s website is never done”. My own website is the first one I ever published (not including the ones I created at uni, which weren’t made public). It just turned 5 years old. Which is really old in web years!

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My love/hate affair with WordPress

wordpress.org logoThe working title for this blog was originally Why I Hate WordPress. But I decided that was a little too harsh a stance to take against the world’s most popular blogging platform. And as I wrote I realised I needed to reveal both sides of the coin because, as I always say… it depends.

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Fonts Glorious Fonts

fonts glorious fonts - try jelly or coustardYou know that song from Oliver?


Back in the old days (though not as far back as Oliver)… websites used to be restricted to a pretty small variety of fonts – and we quickly got bored of them. Nowadays the internet is littered with so many different fonts that it can be very confusing to choose the right ones for your website.

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What makes a successful Home page

home sweet homepageJust as many people will, against popular wisdom, judge a book by its cover, people are very quick to judge your website by its homepage.


And if the ‘synopsis’ they read (like the back cover of a book) only talks about how great the author is, and not the exciting ride they’ll be taken on within the storyline, they get no sense of why they should read on.

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Website Navigation – common mistakes to avoid

old map and compass pointsImagine sailing the world a few hundred years ago with a faulty compass? Or trying to follow in Captain Cook’s footsteps with a bent sextant?  (Don’t know what a “bent sextant” is? Look it up!)


Translate that to modern day (first world) problems such as finding your way through an unfamiliar city with an outdated Navman roadmap. Or using a website with a poorly designed navigation menu.

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When it’s good to be a sheep. And when to break free of the flock.

2015 Year of the SheepWelcome to the Year of the Sheep on the Chinese lunar calendar. The Chinese consider sheep to be lucky animals – they spend their time following each other from one green patch of grass to the next without too many cares or worries. They never have to do any hard labour, which is left to the Ox.


Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it?

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